New Name and Logo for PET producers’ European Trade Association

New Name and Logo for PET producers’ European Trade Association

The Committee of PET Manufacturers in Europe (CPME), has announced its rebrand: PET EUROPE – Producers’ Association.

The non-profit trade association represents PET resin producers and was founded in 2010. The new name and logo will strengthen awareness of the institutional role of the association and its geographical horizon of activity. It will build PET’s equity and reputation, starting from sustainability and circular economy.

Chairman of PET EUROPE Antonello Ciotti said: “PET is a crucial material in our economies and society. Economic, flexible and light-weight, PET helps to prevent food waste and save energy. As a fully recyclable polymer, PET also contribute to the circular economy. By 2030, 9 out of 10 PET bottles will be collected for recycling in Europe, up from 6 out of 10 today.”

“The rebranding is the most visible sign of our development and growth. As a trade association, PET EUROPE addresses the issues impacting our industry, raising them with EU institutions and international organisations. PET EUROPE is an active member of PETCORE EUROPE, our value-chain association.”

“The strength and lightweight features of PET allows more product to be delivered with less packaging, less weight and less fuel for transport. This is important for beverage packaging as it makes the bottles safe for on-the-go and sports use. PET is a remarkably energy-efficient packaging material, with life cycle analysis consistently showing an environmental impact that compares favourably to glass, aluminium and other beverage container materials.”